And its hard to be funny with green harbour waters widening between good friends. Made some good friends at see, Rudyard Kipling’s Captain Courageous sums it up pretty well. 

Whatever happens buzzing for ya. 

Whatever happens buzzing for ya. 


When the wind stops, when the winter comes, when the wild things come, when she leaves, when the sun goes down, when he came up for air, when you run out of food, when things change. 

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James Blank and Magnolia Electric Co.

”Geography isn’t the cure for anything that’s a matter with you” but it sure helps being surrounded by the Ocean. When the Wind makes waves and then there is no wind but plenty of waves it seems like its all about geography. A friend came to stay on the boat a few months ago, as he was leaving he told me to send him a photo, i didn’t understand until later when i realised he had left me his Alaia 

I don’t stop banging on about it but this trip was wonderful, so the folk at White horses in it run it. Noah is surfing and i am boozing. 

Grow to love. With out doubt a wonderful thing. Growing and loving in every sense of the words, and you can feel it coming like the tide, every thing grows. Thank you to the air, water and food. Thank you to Co. Clare. 

Whilst we think sunshine, the winter is neither too long gone or too far away. Last winter was wonderful and the apart from all the veg we planted at Moy Hill Garden some of the winter waves and projects can be read and seen in these lovely publications. 

1/ White Horses - Trip to Scotland - Photos 

2/ Viva Life Vegan Publication - Photos and Words

3/ Wavelength - Trip to the Islands Photos and Words

Surf Europe - Sailing - Photos and Words

Into My Arms

Nice Article about Corbs by Dan Crockett

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Some times you meet new people that you have already known and something else happens, like it wasn’t the right time before and now it is. 

I stole all of these images from the new old friends i went camping with, it was wonderful and we surfed too. 

Please forgive my exuberance but i am happy but i still feel the pains of the world, my heart is still pining for equality and my soul still waiting for everyone to smile with me. 

Photos 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10 stolen from MrChris MCclean

Photos 4 + 6 have been stoled from Mr Al Mackinnon 


If you haven’t watched the Trews before its quite good.

Just one of the episodes.